Dedicated web sites for several different needs you may have. The following are the *Bud sites on that are currently live on the net. More sites to come!
Emergency kits designed around long-burning beeswax candles that use our very own WicKurl™. Different kits for different needs. For example, EmergencyBud Mini (now available) which measures under 2" tall and 2.5" wide, but can burn for 20+ hours!
A simple website that debunks some of the most common Internet myths particularly about e-mail and security. A great reference to give people who aren't "in the know" along with some great tips!
Are you a Nebraska Cornhusker fan? This simple site is counting down the time to the first game of 2008! It will have other scheduling information and be a one-stop source for the stuff you need to know about Husker football once it becomes available.
Joseph is from the US, but living in Ireland while he goes to school. We always enjoy his e-mail updates about the land of our forefathers and now you can as well. Read about his adventures, Irish tales & folklore, and see his pictures of the Emerald Isle!
FamilyBud.com - COMING SOON!
A little site to help keep your family connected. A little like MySpace, FaceBook, Flickr, and others, but better (and more!).